Watched the first two episodes of Torchwood on DVD. So far I’m loving it…


  1. Well, someone has to, I guess.

    Not that I have seen it, but the only person I know who seems to like it only does so because of the kissing.

          • What was it then?

            (I’m ambivalent – Doctor Who, I love for no reason I can easily determine. Torchwood, I’m not sure about for no reason I can easily determine. It’s complicated when it shouldn’t be.)

          • Cat

            what I love about it is that it fits with my favourire theme of alltime: the strangers living amongst us. Aliens, spies, secret organisations — I love it all. and always have.

          • Oh, ok. It frustrated me that they didn’t do much with that theme (at least in the first few eps, which is where I’ve seen too) – they went with the rather dull, “Oh, people just don’t notice the weird shit,” which … struck me as a real cop-out, you know?

          • Cat

            give it a go. Its got Who vibe. I reckon It’ll work out

    • Surely you can order it for your shop, Mr DVD man? That would be one of the main perks of working in one I’d suppose.

      • Torchwood isn’t available on DVD in the States yet and likely won’t be until they decide if they want to broadcast it first.

        • its not available in Australia on DVD yet either. I got mine from Amazon UK — but I suppose there might be laws against renting out imports in a shop. All that multi region business.

          By the way, sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I’ve tried to post a couple of sympathetic messages on your blog but for some reason my LJ won’t let me post on your LJ this week… maybe its afraid its gonna catch something.

          • It definitely will catch something. It’s been five miserable days, and judging by the pretty colors in my Kleenex, I’m still contagious.

          • Cat

            darl, sounds like you have the dreaded ZOMBIE FLU! You get it from overexposure to zombie movies, obviously.

  2. Yeah, I agree. I’ve been hearing from lots of fanboys that they didn’t like it but I enjoyed the lot. Not only do these guys save the world on a regular basis but they pay an emotional price for doing so. That makes a big difference. The ensemble is very good. Everyone gets a chance to shine in the first series.

    If you want to hear John Barrowman (Captain Jack) utter the worst line in movie history, rent a flick called “Megalodon”. Wonderfully cringeworthy shark movie filmed in Bulgaria of all places.

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