2024 ‘Beasts of Bone and Promise’, Time Machine Australia Bound, PS Publishing

2024 ‘Heavy Metal’, Spanish translation in Excelsius


2024 Calvaria Fell, a collaborative collection by Cat Sparks & Kaaron Warren, Meerkat Press

2024Ecocatastrophe SF Was Supposed to be a Warning, Not a Road Map‘, Vol1 Brooklyn

2024 ‘When Bono Kissed Me’, The Next Best Book Blog

2024 Calvaria Fell review, Publishers Weekly

2023 ‘So Blue and So Much Lost’, The Australian Fabians Review, Issue 4, 2023

2023 Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference: Uncommon Realities – Books & Biomes

2023 Let The Cat In podcast: Episode 27 – Mirror2

2022 Craig Cormick interviews Cat Sparks & Robert Hood, Secrets from the Green Room podcast

2022 ‘The Space Between All Possible Ways’ – Phase Change: imagining energy futures, Ed. Matthew Chrulew, Twelfth Planet Press

2021 The Future is Now! Climate Fiction: online panel for Goldfield Libraries featuring James Bradley, Jason Nahrung, myself and Stuart Winser

2021 Dark Harvest scores a mention in Gary K Wolfe’s 2020 Year in Review

2021 ‘Dreams of Hercules’ – Relics, Wrecks & Ruins, Ed. Aiki Flinthart

2021 ‘Farewell to Elephant’ – Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 3

2020 Galactic Chat #79: Cat Sparks 

2020 Talking Cli Fi with James Bradley on The Drax Files Radio Hour in Second Life

2020 Snapshot interview

2020 Coode Street Podcast – Episode 431: Ten Minutes with Cat Sparks

2020 Dark Harvest, short story collection, Newcon Press, UK
Locus review by Gary K Wolfe

2020 ‘Hacking Santorini’, Dark Harvest, Newcon Press

2019Before Dominica‘ Kaleidotrope

2019 The Drax Files Radio Hour Episode 225 Viewing Party [Cat Sparks]

2019 ‘You Will Remember Who You Were’, Dimension6, ed. Keith Stevenson, April 2019, Coeur de Lion Publishing. Shortlisted for an Aurealis Award

2018 PhD: Capitalocene Dreams: Dark Tales of Near Futures & The 21st Century Catastrophe: Hyper-capitalism and Severe Climate Change in Science Fiction, Curtin University

2018 ‘And the Ship Sails On’ – Aurum: A Golden Anthology of Original Australian Fantasy, ed. Russell B Farr, Ticonderoga Publications

2018 RIOTACT interview by Zoe Pleasants

2018 Interview by Amanda Bridgeman

2018 ‘Cassini Falling’ – Continuum 14: Conjugation program book, reprinted in AntipodeanSF 250

2018 Fossick Book Reviews tackles Lotus Blue

2018 ‘Fata Morgana’ – Mother of Invention, eds Rivqa Rafael & Tansy Rayner Roberts, Twelfth Planet Press

2017 ‘Precious Things’ – A story from my childhood

2017 ‘War is Very Popular These Days’ – Luminescent Threads – Connections to Octavia Butler, Twelfth Planet Press

2017 Dragon GirlPodcastle (reprint and audio)

2017 Crafting Speculative LandscapesRagnaRok Publications

2017 Interviewed by Angela Slatter

2017 The Qwillery: Interview with Cat Sparks, author of Lotus Blue

2017 Australian Women Writers Challenge – Cat Sparks interviewed by Rivqa Rafael

2017 Move over Sci Fi – Here Comes Climate FictionThe Daily Beast

2017 Beaming in From SXSWCosmos Magazine

2017 Lotus Blue Talos Press (Skyhorse)
Nominated for The Compton Crook, Aurealis and Ditmar awards

2017 The One Book That Shook My Faith in Nature & Humanity –

2017 Cat Sparks talks ‘Lotus Blue’ and a new genre in Cli Fi, Hypable

2017 The Big IdeaWhatever

2017 13 Horrible Apocalypses That Will Make You Question Your Faith in Humankind, Electric Literature

2017Climate science and climate fiction – where data intersects with art‘, Boing Boing

2017 Prayers to Broken Stone‘ – Kaleidotrope, Spring issue

2016 ‘Dragon Girl’, The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Ed. Liz Gryzb and Talie Helene, Ticonderoga Publications (reprint)

2016 ‘Jericho Blush’, Cyclopean, Issue #2, Ed. Chase Capener, Cyclopean Press

2016 ‘No Fat Chicks’, In Your Face, ed. Tehani Wessely, Fablecroft Press – Winner of Best Short Story Ditmar 2016

2015 ‘The Seventh Relic’, Focus 2014: highlights of Australian short fiction, ed. Tehani Wessely, Fablecroft Press (reprint)

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2015 ‘Dragon Girl’, The Never Never Land, CSFG Publishing

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2014 ‘New Chronicles of Andras Thorn’, Dimension 6, ed. Keith Stevenson, Coeur de Lion Publishing

2014 ‘The Seventh Relic’, Phantazein, ed. Tehani Wessely, Fablecroft Publishing – winner of 2014 Best Short Story Ditmar

2014 ‘Dark Harvest’, Solaris Rising 3, ed. Ian Whates, Solaris

2013 ‘Chinaman’s Bluff’, ed. Gerry Huntman, SQmag

2013 The Bride Price, [collection] Ticonderoga Publications (winner of 2014 Best Collected Work Ditmar)

2013 ‘Scarp’, The Bride Price, Ticonderoga Publications (winner of 2014 Best Short Story Ditmar)

2013 ‘Beyond the Farthest Stone’, The Bride Price, Ticonderoga Publications

2013 ‘Daughters of Battendown’, One Small Step, ed. Tehani Wessely, Fablecroft Publishing

2011 ‘The Alabaster Child’, Gutshot: Weird West Tales, ed. Conrad Williams, PS Publishing (Anthology nominated for a British Fantasy Award)

2011 The Sleeping and the Dead, Ishtar, Morrigan Books (nominated for a DITMAR award)

2011Dead Low’, Midnight Echo #6, The Australian Horror Writers Association
(nominated for an Aurealis Award)

2011 ‘Beautiful’, Anywhere But Earth, ed. Keith Stevenson, Coeur de Lion Publishing

2010 ‘All the Love in the World’, Sprawl, ed. Alisa Krasnostein, Twelfth Planet Press. Reprinted in Hartwell and Kramer’s Years Best SF 16, Harper Voyager, 2011

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2005 ‘Arcana’. Mitch? 4: Slow Dancing in Quicksand

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2002 ‘Meltdown my Plutonium Heart’, Borderlands Convention Program

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2002 ‘Hollywood Hills’, Antipodean SF, #45

2002 ‘Fuchsia Spins by Moonlight’, Redsine, #7

2001 ‘Invasion of the Latte Snatchers’, Mitch?2: Tarts of the New Millennium


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