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Coming April 30 2024!

Calvaria Fell is a stunning collaborative collection of weird tales from two acclaimed authors, Kaaron Warren and Cat Sparks. It features previously published stories from both authors, along with a new novella by Kaaron Warren and four new stories by Cat Sparks. The collection offers a glimpse into a chilling future world that is similar to our own. Readers will be drawn into experiences at once familiar and bizarre, where our choices have far-reaching consequences and the environment is a force to be reckoned with. The title of the collection tethers these stories to a shared space. The calvaria is the top part of the skull, comprising five plates that fuse together in the first few years of life. Story collections work like this; disparate parts melding together to make a robust and sturdy whole. The calvaria tree, also known as the dodo tree, adapted to being eaten by the…

Ad Altiora!

I didn’t like North Sydney Girl’s High much but I do adore the friends I made there and at the Dem school down the road. Last Saturday 40-something of us old gals gathered at Willoughby Bowling Club, 40 years since entering the world. We weren’t all friends back in the day, but many waters have tumbled under many, many bridges and I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time.

Conflux 17

Conflux 17 – Passages & Portals – was the Annual National Speculative Fiction Convention held in Canberra Sept 29-October 2nd, 2023. Check out my Flickr photo set here.

Aurealis Awards 2022

The Aurealis Awards took place last Saturday evening at Ainslie Football Club. Congratulations to all winners and nominees and a big thanks to Canberra’s CSFG for putting on the show! Check out my Flickr photoset here.