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Rob and I are currently watching Seeds of Doom on dvd. Perhaps this is what inspired me to take a pick axe to the dense tangle of foliage that I always have to wrestle with whenever I hang out the washing in our backyard. Midday yesterday in the baking heat, I kind of snapped and resolved that bedsheets and towels need room to dangle free. An hour later I glimpsed the back fence for the first time in ten years and a krinoid-sized mountain of hacked off stalks, leaves and roots obscured the compost heap. Rob then leapt the fence and axe murdered the privet as it was reaching its thorny branches up from the creek bed. The above image is an accurate depiction of the event as I recall it.


  1. I love Seeds of Doom, and one of the things I love most about it is that you could just as easily be watching Steed and Mrs. Peel as the Doctor and Sarah.

  2. The krinoid always scared the crap out of me! (But then, I freely admit I’m a woos.)
    Doubly so because wall outside my parent’s room was covered in ivy. I had nightmares of the krinoid controlling the ivy and it snaking in the window and strangling us all in our beds.
    When we finally ripped all the ivy off the wall (it was starting to crack the brickwork) it left little brown leg-like stalks all over the wall. Phew! Just in time!

    • Cat Reply

      I remember Kerry Kirk and me chasing each other around the playground making krinoid noises…

    • Cat Reply

      it really is a cracker. The DVD is such a good clear print too. Baker at his best.

  3. The wisteria at my old place was commonly referred to as the krinoid. It seems you could have the curtains shut for just a few days, and when you opened them again, there was the wisteria tapping on the window, making ready to come inside. Meep!

  4. I remember that episode well. Apparently some old lady phoned the BBC after the finale to say how dare they blow up a lovely old house just for a TV show. Ah, how beautifully naive. Special effects just didn’t need to be as special back then.

    Did you call in an airstrike on your backyard too?

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