post Ditmar observations

I’m linking to Crankynick’s post without much comment because he has said it all far better than I’d ever have the balls to do. But what I would like to add is this. As someone who did not lobby for or solicit Ditmar nominations or votes, I was extremely disappointed by the folks who claimed the outcome of the awards was somehow rigged. 

Not sure of the exact stats, but somewhere in the vicinity of 50 people apparently voted in this years Ditmars. Twelve votes would probably be enough to secure a win. If such a small number of people aren’t voting for your stuff, perhaps… you fill in the blanks.


  1. Regardless of all the bullshit flying round it was great to see you and Kirstyn jointly win the ditmar. My fav win moment.

    • Cat Reply

      Thanks Robin — I was truly thrilled to share the award with someone so fabulous.

          • I might just wait for Liz and Talie to finish the Year’s Best and read that ๐Ÿ™‚
            (And Bill if he’s doing on this year.)

          • AFAIK Bill still intends to do the YB SF and Fantasy, but I haven’t discussed this with him for some time. I figure that with his SF leanings and tastes there’s enough room for two. Besides, then folks can get together and argue about whose YB is better ๐Ÿ™‚

          • i think we’re enjoying a time where there are a bunch of really amazing folks spinning yarns, and long may it last.

  2. We still on for Sudnay with Guthrie, and if so what would you like us to bring?

    As for the actual topic: when the fack dies down, I’ll be over there under my rock (possibly reading Games of thrones).

  3. cranky

    I had to search this out because some people think I’m crankynick. Well…I’m always cranky, but that delicious bit of “get-fuckedness”was not me. I wish it was though! As for Ditmars…I steer clear of them myself. Eeveryone out there: it’s not about the awards! It’s about the long hard slog doing what you do – be it writing, art, criticism, whatever – because you love it and it’s in your DNA and you have to do it. A Ditmar’s a nice tip of the hat from your buddies all in the same shitstorm.

    But here’s my Ditmar gripe: where’s my nomination for my months of unpaid work making the fucking Hugo Awards! LOL.

    Nick S.

    • Cat Reply

      Re: cranky

      Well obviously, Nick, you didn’t bother campaigning to stack the Ditmar ballot!!!

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