not very bloggy

I haven’t posted anything here for ages. Haven’t been reading other blogs much either. The culprit , I believe, is Twitter and it’s a problem that warrants some consideration. More raw data might be streaming past my face with Twitter, but am I actually learning as much as I used to learn from reading great slabs of text?

Things are quiet here. I’m beavering away at a couple of writing projects, keeping on top of Cosmos slush, still waiting for news on the novel publication front. Applying for various grants. Getting my new WordPress site up and running. I won’t post a link because it’s all over the shop at the moment. I’ve been scanning old photos and cleaning them up in Photoshop, finding interesting images I never knew I had. Remembering places I’d forgotten I’d been. The quiet, homey sorts of things you do in winter rather than actually leave the house.


  1. I do get some interesting links from it — but no more than I used to get from blogs. It’s more of a gestalt organism than anything else.

  2. Twitter is like the Dawn Chorus of Parakeets but 24/7.

    Long before twitter I would be awakened by a nearby shrub full of small enthusiastic birds to remark “I hate tweeting birds.”

  3. I’m going to see if I can find a happy medium between Twitter and the rest of the electronic frontier

    • I posted a link further down. Sorry for the spam, but it’s relevant. Also, you’re more fun on Twitter – much less grouchy than you come across here. 🙂

      • Hey, I like Twitter! I just worry that it’s encouraging me to skim rather than digest information is all

        • I think everything about online activity encourages us to skim these days. But with Twitter I find stuff I’m actually interested in and find I spend more time reading what I want and less trawling through crap.

          Also, did you know that you can save a web page as a text file and drop it on your Kindle to read later? I find that’s great – I see a blog post or something I want to read, but don’t have time. Chuck in the Kindle file and read it at my leisure.

          • Cat

            you can save a web page as a text file and drop it on your Kindle to read later?

            nope, didn’t know that. My Kindle is already clogged with things to read later. I think what I actually need is another head and a few extra days in the week

          • Yeah, extra days in the week would be ideal. I keep lobbying, but no one’s making it happen. I’ll email you about the txt thing.

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