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not very bloggy

I haven’t posted anything here for ages. Haven’t been reading other blogs much either. The culprit , I believe, is Twitter and it’s a problem that warrants some consideration. More raw data might be streaming past my face with Twitter, but am I actually learning as much as I used to learn from reading great slabs of text?Things are quiet here. I’m beavering away at a couple of writing projects, keeping on top of Cosmos slush, still waiting for news on the novel publication front. Applying for various grants. Getting my new Wordpress site up and running. I won’t post a link because it’s all over the shop at the moment. I’ve been scanning old photos and cleaning them up in Photoshop, finding interesting images I never knew I had. Remembering places I’d forgotten I’d been. The quiet, homey sorts of things you do in winter rather than actually leave the house.