a few photos

Here are the snaps I took before my focusing mechanism threw in the towel

Rob Hood, Keith Stevenson, Jack Dann and Donna Hanson

Karen Miller, Lisa Bennett and Angela Slatter

Tehani Wessely, Tansy Roberts & Alisa Krasnostein


  1. Re: AAs

    not as much of a thrill as it was to receive it I’m quite sure!

  2. Hi, kiddo!

    Dear Cat,

    Photos look great! I miss you guys already!



  3. Jack Dann catching flies…

    Hi, my pal.

    If I would only learn to shut my mouth, I might not appear to be…well, you know what I mean.



    • Re: Jack Dann catching flies…

      See, I kept telling you to shut your mouth!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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