yes, I am asking for $$ again…

This post is aimed squarely at folks who like going to conventions as much as I do. Such get-togethers are facilitated by people who work behind the scenes doing all the tedious admin and organizational stuff. Me? I just rock up, hang out and spend hours mouthing off, both in the bar and on panels. I take my hat off to the good folks who donate their own precious time to enrich the community as a whole.

Grant Watson, aka  , screenwriter, playwright, SF fan, and tireless convention organiser, is one of those people. He moved to Melbourne a while ago. Now he can’t afford to get back to Perth in 2011 for Swancon 36, the 50th Natcon. One of the reasons he can’t is because he worked so hard on Worldcon programming this year, instead of making money. A karmic imbalance has occurred, one that we think should be put right with The Grant Grant fundraiser to send Grant to Perth for Swancon 36. Gifts (not donations, there’s no tax deduction or anything here) can be made via PayPal to thegrantgrant [at]

Thanks very much to the people who have tossed some cash into the pot already. You rock!

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