well bugger me ragged!

So here’s me holding my two beautiful Aurealis awards, still in their boxes because I was too over excited to risk taking them out and dropping them all over the concrete balcony. I was utterly stoked to win not only the AA for best SF short story (Hollywood Roadkill), but the golden AA for best short story overall. So stoked, I was rendered speechless in my speech. Which, as you know, doesn’t often happen to me. More photos of the big night here.
I am also very pleased with what the judges’ report had to say about ‘Hollywood Roadkill’:
“A powerful, emotive, and vividly written story. Most impressive is the fact that its power lies not so much in the tightly plotted foreground and events but in the dark message of the world intimated in the background. In a short space this story creates a vivid world, marked by substantial themes, and inhabited by very real characters. It projects a darkness and desperation in an environment of uncaring techno-culture that mirrors much of the real world’s broad tendency towards vapid capitalism, consumerism and hedonism. The twist in the tale leaves the reader fascinated and defeated in equal amounts–a story that drags you under and spits you out at the blinking in stupor.”

Here’s me with Jane & Kate


  1. yay Cat!!!! next time I see you, I’ll buy you a celebratory drink :). I can buy you one from Kaaron, too, and she can owe me.

  2. I am so excited and happy for you!

    CONGRATULATIONS! About time somebody else figured out what some of us have known all along!

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