The Aurealis Awards

The Aurealis Awards were held in Sydney last Saturday night but I’ve only gotten round to blogging about it now on my brand spanking new totally awesome and shiny WordPress! My friend Selena set it up for me and I’m still figuring out how to drive the thing. I’ll be cross posting to my old LJ until the time comes that it sinks beneath a tsunami of Russian spam.

Anyway, back to the awards… A totally nerve wracking experience on my part as Rob and I were part of the organising team and responsible for the audio visual component of things. The whole thing only came together, technologically speaking, about four hours before kickoff. A good sized crowd frocked up on the night and everything went well. Photos are up on my Flickr stream and hopefully on this page too if I can figure out how to embed them. Pictured above are Susan Wardle and Nathan Burrage, head AA wranglers from Spec Faction, flanking our sponsor Harper Voyager’s Stephanie Smith.

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