Finally, a movie too gross and low brow even for me!

Details and more pix on Undead Backbrain if you’re really interested. But you’re not. Trust me.


    • Re: Well Goldilocks…

      seriously, that one looks kinda classy in comparison…

  1. Rectuma

    I’ll skip over the fact that you saw this in my absence…the scary thing is that you thought of me while watching this fillum. Was it the fake butt…the cheesy SPFX…or the terrorist in his fake beard…?

    Thought you’ve come through the chute, you are fragile and cute…

    Ahhh…such infantile humour…that’s what keeps me young ya know.


    • Dude, for your sake I hope your butt’s a lot less gross than the stunt butt they used in Rectoma.

  2. I note on Undead Backbrain that because of Rectoma you’ve sworn off all movies containing arses. What happens if someone makes a movie of Saturn Returns? Will you boycott that too, or make an exception for your own arse?

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