At Swancon I got to meet Ken Macleod and his wife Carol. I’d chatted to them both a bit over beers early on at the con. At my invitation, both attended the double barrel small press launch in the hotel car park (12th Planet’s 2012 anthology and Ticonderoga’s The Workers Paradise). While everyone was standing around boozing, Ken bought copies of both books and then actually asked me to autograph my story in TWP. Carol asked me what my story was about. The next day she read it & caught up to tell me what she’d thought of it. By the end of the con Rob Shearman had bought practically every title on the combined small press table. Which meant he ended up with about 5 stories by me. The point I’m getting to here is this: what a class act all round. Interactive guests taking an interest in the folks they were guesting for. I was very impressed with them all.

and on a more negative note… I didn’t get in to the Orbit Manuscript Development Program. Bummer.


  1. That’s a damn shame about the Orbit manuscript development program. But hey, Big Names reading your stories is good. We didn’t really get to catch up at the con much, but I’d like to find time to come down to the ‘Gong again and see you and Rob.

  2. Well I’ve been emailing people saying–who are they and where do they live?lol! I guess our intentions are the same.

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