We spent a pleasant evening in Sydney with friends sitting on their high rise inner city balcony sucking up the stunning Sydney skyline while sipping expensive champagne. Earth hour, I note, was a bit of a fizzer. Most of those office block lights stayed on. We turned ours off and ate spicy pumpkin risotto by moonlight, enjoying the antics of the fruit bats overhead.

I’ve been so busy these past few weeks. Overloaded with reading, my own writing, other people’s writing, the selection and shaping of stories and the administration that goes with such things. Graphic design and photographic  work for writing-related events, all mixed in with the general business of living. I swear I go in to my day job for a bit of time out & R&R! Something definitely wrong with the picture somewhere.

My story ‘Dead Low’ was accepted for Midnight Echo 6, the science fiction horror special issue. It’s exciting to have a new story out there. The problem with focusing on novel and novella-length works is that they’re so damn long! Obviously.

And on the local politics front, looks like NSW Labor got soundly kicked in the pants at the ballot box. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Those folks done reaped what they sowed.


  1. Congrats on your story acceptance. As for the election result, well, if you read the scandal sheet of Labor ministers in trouble, it’s quite sickening. And while I too am more than thrilled to see the back of those dreadful people, I worry about the future because the keystone to a successful community is a strong and ethical opposition. I was in London the night Tony Blair and his lot annihilated the Tories. Again, that political slaughter was well deserved, but the result wasn’t good for the UK because the opposition was in a shambles for ages. So here’s hoping that the good and decent people of the ALP can take the controls back from the slimeball backroom operators, and fight for the right things, and keep the new government honest and accountable.

  2. You know what I like the best? 1 x Earth hour vs Week-long light festival involving colourful lights everywhere + lasers + fire! YES!!

    I <3 Sydney. If you get rich first, buy me a boat plz.


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