google fu to you too!

Today’s short story research saw me investigating motorcycle stunts, mining explosives, Che Guevara and submarine torpedoes! can’t see how I can possibly fail with this one!


  1. I know nothing about motorcycles, mining explosives or submarine torpedoes but I have met Che Guevara’s daughter. 🙂

  2. Boom? BOOM!

    A friend worked as powder monkey in a big open cut mine. He got to pour Anfo down boreholes from a petrol pump style nozzle attached to a 20+ tonne truck. His first blast left the rubble in a neat pyramid intersecting the working face. The manager asked him if it was intentional. He responded by asking if he wanted steps on the next one.

    Downside of the job… the only human not in an airconditioned cab was the guy holding the explosives trucks hose and pouring explosives into hole after hole in 55C heat.

      • Re: Boom? BOOM!

        One day they had him surveying for some seismic blasting boreholes to be filled and detonated later. He was alone next to a 4WD of ultra technology full of ice cold water, drinking 30 litres a day to stay hydrated.

        He looked up from his patch of spinifex to see an ancient aboriginal man about 1km away. He went back to looking for a flat patch to park the drilling rig on, and felt someone close. He looked up moments after his previous glance to find the old aboriginal guy about 20m away, once again motionless. He blinked, wiped sweat from his eyes and looked around. The old bloke was about 500m in the opposite direction.

        My friend came to the conclusion that he was far enough into the unlivable wastes that you need either high technology or high magic to survive.

  3. I’m scared to research explosives on the internet. There’s something about typing “home made bomb ingredients” into Google that makes me wonder if I’m being quietly added to some home-grown terrorist list at ASIO HQ :p


    • Cat Reply

      so true… but I actually applied to join ASIO at a low point in my younger life so I guess they’re already reading my blog!

    • Cat Reply

      I’ll pass the link to Rob, although if he doesn’t know of it already, I’ll eat my Easter bonnet!

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