A poem for our times, handcrafted lovingly (and entirely) from my very own spam folder

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This scam is all done on purpose to bring about the One World Order. I’m setting it up for everyone to see as we speak. Using a throwaway email so you would not find out which kind of porn I normally look at. A message from beyond the grave. I’m your friend, don’t be afraid.

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Alright, fine. Here is the deal, The Scamdemic Is Being Used to Destroy Your Livelihood and Business. I just made a huge “assortment” of ur greatest scenes. Father Dominic encouraging me to Bless a father during this Novena of Masses. You actually have the guts to ditch me via that dumb message, you thick motherfucker? Votre Tarot: si précis qu’il en donne des frissons.

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