I am really looking forward to Continuum this weekend. We missed out on attending the Natcon in Adelaide as it was on the weekend after Dad got hurt. I’m down for one panel and one reading and the rest of the weekend is all gonna be about FUN!

SATURDAY 2.40pm Sun Sphere

White Mischief: Steampunk and the images of Colonialism
SUNDAY 2pm Earth Room
Questions of race and cultural imperialism have become hot topics in science fiction fandom. Is the Steampunk re-invention of the colonial era going to recreate, or remedy, the colonial bias of the era it draws its inspiration from? How do you celebrate the fictional representation of the colonial era without re-creating its political bias?
Dave Cake, Paul Poulton, Jeremy Byrne, Richard Harland, Cat Sparks

Another highlight of the con will be the launch of Deborah Biancotti’s short story collection A Book of Endings
Saturday 15 August,
Venue: Cabinet, 11 Rainbow Alley, a 3-minute walk from the convention hotel.

Hope to see some of you there.


  1. Grmbl grmb grumble… everybody’s at Continuum but me… grumble grumble.

    Spock’s Music arrived. Flinthart household duly horrified. Boys were so appalled that I’m now using the CD as a check against bad behaviour. I used to send them into isolation in the laundry. Now they’re told that they’ll have to listen to “Bilbo Baggins” and/or “Mister Tambourine Man.”


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