best gig evah!

Despite the drama of Rob fracturing his toe yesterday morning, we managed to get up to Sydney last night to catch a gig at the Opera House that I’d been looking forward to for ages. Afro Celt Sound System, one of my absolute most favourite bands, played one night only and somehow I managed to score seats 2 rows from the stage, dead centre. Theirs is a fusion of Celtic and West African styles featuring 3 drummers, one of whom, despite being Indian, is a dead ringer for Nick Stathopoulos!  One of the singers looks like a younger version of Lance Hendrickson, and between them all they managed to play a bunch of instruments I’ve never caught sight of before. The show was pure magic, probably because we were so darn close that it felt like we were actually part of the musical and spectacle rather than just watching it.

I could not possibly have enjoyed the performance more. Check them out if ever you get the chance.


  1. If you’re talking abouthte guy in the red shirt: yep, could be Nick’s Indian cousin.

    I like these blokes’ music. Damned goood stuff.

  2. Oh boy–you’re sooo lucky. I’ve loved them since I first heard their music playing in a shop in London several years ago. I bought their first album there-paying an exorbitant price because I didn’t know I could buy the CD here in NYC. I’d love to see them live. I’ve been following them on fb…

    Sorry to hear about Rob’s toe.

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