Aurealis awards night

Scored myself another award last Saturday night. I’m pictured here with fellow winner, the lovely Paul Haines. Full photo set here. Full list of winners here.
A ripper night was had by all. There was even a teeny light sabre duel between Jedi Williams and Darth Hood!

How awesome were the Tiki drinks in the bar afterwards!

Rob, Cat & Angie Rega

B: Angela Slatter and Lisa Bennett
F: Abigail Nathan and Karen Miller

Donna Hanson, Glenda Larke and Nicole Murphy

Angela Slatter, Ron Serdiuk and Helen Merrick

Peter Ball

Caz Tebbutt, Kaaron Warren & Deb Biancotti

Sean Williams and Scott Westerfeld with big drinks

Trudi Canavan


  1. What’s with the face fungus on Mr Williams? Did he forget to shave atthe end of Movember, or is he trying for the eccentric professor look πŸ™‚ ?

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