As a counterpoint to the last post, here is a pic of myself with friends Isobel and Kathryn taken in Cairo eleven years ago.

and here is me sitting in the Cairo Coptic district. My eyebrows were much bushier and my face thinner in 1997. Also, that may well be my actual natural hair colour.


  1. My goodness, you do look different in that second pic! And that’s you in the middle of the first pic. Horseback among the pyramids… seems very adventuresome and exotic…

    • ah yes, I did lead a more adventuresome and exotic life back then. Whereas now I seem to live mostly in Cyberspace… sigh.

    • thats so interesting! i don’t reckon I look very different. But my face is definitely fatter these days!

      • I don’t know if it’s your hair, or what == I don’t think your face is that plump — but wow. I had to look and look and look, if I’d seen it just as a photo I wouldn’t have picked you!

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