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I has new computer!

Yep, got me one of those 24 inch imacs complete with utterly legitimate software! (cough cough) The screen is so big that I feel like I’m the captain of the Enterprise every time the starfield wallpaper kicks in. Woah!To celebrate, I’ve begun tackling the backlog of graphic design projects I’ve been avoiding since my shithouse old PC went wiggy a few months back and became more irritating than it was worth to use. For a start, it was refusing to acknowledge the letters G and H, which made typing a real pain in the arse.Anyhow, here is my first achievement, the cover of Robert Hood’s forthcoming collection from Altair. You can pre-order it from the Altair site if you want to. The book will be available in October.Meanwhile, Rob is in Melbourne on a secret mission for Black magazine. Here’s a hint: it involves the king of the zombie makers…