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Endeavour House Mural

Endeavour House put out a call for local artists to help design a mural on its prominent, external wall facing both traffic on Canberra Avenue and the main shopping precinct of Manuka.  Like my design? You can vote for it or other submissions HERE. The 2021 Doomsday Clock sits at 100 seconds to midnight, naming climate change as an existential threat to humanity. Former UN Climate Change Convention Chief Christiana Figueres states ‘This is the decade and we are the generation’. The five panels of my mural illustrate how the processes leading to resource depleted, climate ravaged futures are inexorably in motion, disregarding devastating toxic impacts on the ecosystems vital to sustaining all life on Earth. We are out of time. We must unite, rise up and stand strong to fight for our future. In Greta Thunberg’s words – RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

2020: How long to play dead in order to stay alive?

Throughout this batshit crazy year, during idle moments, I began collecting headlines that caught my fancy. Reckon there might be an amazing poem in here somewhere: Apparently Spiders Are Becoming Violent Because of Climate Change Humans forced to hide from sex addicted monkeys who set up HQ in disused cinema Weird caterpillar uses its old heads to make an elaborate hat Murder Hornets Are Now In The U.S.: Should You Be Afraid? Army of 100,000 Chinese Ducks Ready to Fight Locust Plague Shorewood attorney accused of spitting on teen wants to apologise for her actions, enters not guilty plea Astronomers Have Located The Centre of The Solar System to Within 100 Metres Hair from ghostly bears reveals new genetic secrets Facebook says threat to throw gay people to their deaths does not violate its standards. Protestors Say Tear Gas Caused Them to Get Their Period Multiple Times in a Month…