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The Drax Files Radio Hour

This month I was thrilled to be interviewed on the Drax Files Radio Hour… in VR! Big thanks to Solas for designing my fabulous dress and to Mike for letting me commandeer his VR equipment. Drax grills me on all my favourite subjects and you can watch our digital banter here. Or check out the highlights here!

Continuum 15

The 2019 Australian Natcon, Continuum 15, was held at the Hotel Jasper in Melbourne last weekend. Thanks to Belle & the Con Committee for throwing us a fabulous event. Ken Liu and Kate Elliot were terrific guests. A personal highlight for me was scoring the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review for my PhD exegesis! Con photos here.

Aurealis Awards 2019

A fab night was had by all at this year’s Aurealis Awards held at Hotel Jasper in Melbourne. I’m very thrilled that my PhD exegesis tied for the Convenors’ Award award with Kim Wilkins, Lisa Fletcher, and Beth Driscoll’s Genre Worlds: Australian Popular Fiction in the 21st Century. We rock!