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Done and dusted!

I have been approved to graduate from Curtin University with my PhD, Capitalocene Dreams: Dark Tales of Near Futures & The 21st Century Catastrophe: Hyper-capitalism and Severe Climate Change in Science Fiction, the non-embargoed bulk of which is available to read online. Yippee!

Conflux and Ecopunk!

This year’s Conflux speculative fiction convention was a total blast. Amongst other things, Liz and I launched Ecopunk – speculative tales of radical futures with the aid of an appreciative, cupcake-loving crowd. Photos here, and you can get a copy of the anthology from here!

Aurealis Awards and Swancon

I attended Swancon in Perth last weekend and co-chaired the Aurealis Awards with Glenda Larke. Managed to slip in another launch for Lotus Blue, despite the fact that Stefen managed to sell all copies before guest launcher Sean Williams had a chance to utter a word. It’s always such a treat to catch up with my Perth buddies.


Last week the Lotus Blue and Crossroads of Canopy launch trail wound its way to the fabulous Avid Reader bookshop in Brisbane. A big thanks to events manager Krissy, superstar Isobelle & everyone who turned up on the night.