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exhibition photos

Here’s the link to the entire set of Dad’s exhibition photos. The photos don’t give much of a sense of scale — Artarmon galleries — Sydney’s oldest art gallery, I believe, features three rooms, all of which were utterly packed. Hundreds of people turned up for the opening, including three staff members from the Royal North Shore hospital. A nurse from Grenwich hospital — a Japanese woman who Dad had gotten on with particularly well, sent him an enormous bunch of flowers. My photos are not properly labeled. I need Dad online with me to accomplish that task and that’s not going to happen for a couple of weeks at least.Rob noticed that a couple of Dad’s paintings feature ghosts! He’s pointing to a yellow figure whose head is most definitely transparent

Cameron Sparks exhibition opening

Here is the text of my opening speech:On the 2nd of June my father experienced the kind of horrific incident usually safely contained within the realm of television programming and other fictional landscapes.The assault saw Dad hospitalized for several long, uncomfortable months while the arduous process of mending his body and bringing his mind back online ran its course.I’d like to thank the North Sydney police, Royal North Shore hospital, The Mayor of North Sydney, Grenwich hospital, and those friends, neighbours and family members who played an active part in his recovery, all working together to make Dad himself again.Every visit made a difference. Every phone call. Every card. Every gesture of kindness, no matter how small: the neighbours who cleaned up broken glass on the porch, left food on the doorstep, stopped in to see how Mum was coping at home.Mum was with him every single day, trekking between…

Nick Stathopoulos ‘toy porn’ painting exhibition

For anyone in the vicinity of Sydney next Tuesday evening, I highly recommend attending this event:Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm Location: NG GALLERY Street: Upper Level 3 Little Queen Street, ChippendaleAn exhibition of hyper-realistic paintings of favorite toys, to be opened by esteemed film critic David Stratton. The show will also feature some of Nick’s Archibald and Doug Moran nominated portraits, and will run through til November 14.See you there!

last dance

In photography, the selection process is a big part of the art itself. Back in the day, on a roll of 36 frames I’d be lucky if 4 of them turned out to be worth printing. Thousands upon thousands of captured moments never saw the light of an enlarger. But now, in the future, with all the wonders of digital technology I’m slowly working my way through the process of getting old negatives scanned. I expect I’ll find a few gems amongst the dross. Here’s one, taken at a sci fi convention, possibly in Brisbane. I didn’t consider it printworthy at the time but now I really dig it. What do you think?

something special @ Conflux

Should you find yourself in the general vicinity of Canberra the weekend after this one, why not sign up for Conflux 6? And if attending a whole convention seems a bit hardcore, may I suggest turning up on Sunday night 4th October for two very special events. At 8.30pm my second favourite band in the whole universe, Ninjaz With Attitude, will be playing live directly following the masquerade ball. And if that wasn’t excitement enough, following directly afterwards will be Nicology, much beloved artist Nick Stathopoulos’s 50th birthday partyI’m putting together a slideshow of all things Nick. This little guy is definitely my favourite!

Page 15 of today’s Daily Telegraph contains a follow up article about Dad and his recovery. I particularly like the photo — very typical expressions of both Mum and Dad. This painting accompanies the print version of the article. I’m not sure where the scene is from, but to me there’s a bit of an Italian vibe to it.