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Worldcon75 – Helsinki!

Helsinki Worldcon was a total blast. Caught up with old friends, made a bunch of new ones. So many highlights: the fancypants reception at the Town Hall, the Aussie gathering at St Urho’s pub, George RR Martin’s Hugo Losers Party, Helsinki itself, with its classic trams and cobbled streets, Suomenlinna fort… Photos here. Big thanks to Jukka and the team for making it all come together.

NSWWC Spec Fic Festival

Thank you to the NSWWC for letting me loose to direct a second Speculative Fiction Festival last Saturday at the Centre’s beautiful grounds in Callan Park. Beautiful weather really enhanced the experience – I’m pretty sure a great day was had by all. Photos here. Publishing ArtsHub review here.

Supanova Perth

Supanova Perth was supafun – I managed to push through feeling daunted by the sheer size of the event, settle in and enjoy the ride. Plus QBD Books entirely sold out of copies of Lotus Blue!