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Glitter rose

If you’re into books as artifacts, you really can’t go past this one. Small and pink, it’s like a treasure washed up by the ocean, tangled amidst shells, seaweed and driftwood, carried onto land by a moonlit tide. The size of the book was what encouraged me to select it for last week’s train travel reading. I go to the gym before work so am always lugging a bag of clothing with me, meaning I tend to choose physically smaller books if I can help it. I’d read two of the stories before — I published one of them in Agog! Terrific Tales. All but one of Marianne’s Glitter Rose stories are set on the fantastical Carmine Island, a place infected by mysterious spores which alter people in sinister ways.

My one criticism of the book is that I’d have liked it to be a novel. I wanted to spend more time with these people.

Glitter Rose is published by Twelfth Planet Press. You can buy it here.

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September 22, 2010 3:20 am


Hi Cat. This is unrelated but I know how much you’re into UFO-lore. Check this out (in case you haven’t already). I stumbled across it on Reddit:

September 22 2010 08:10 am


Thanks Dom -- always love a good UFO report!

October 24, 2010 8:22 pm


hey I only just saw this review – thanks! Glad you liked it.

October 24 2010 22:33 pm


Me too! Thanks Cat.


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